That’s right JackPack! Our first night in Sheridan Wyoming went awesome! With a fun crowd and great environment the show went swimmingly. And per the usual the crowd response was “You guys are the best band we’ve ever had up here.” I’m so thankful for the reinforcement that what we are doing is what we are supposed to be doing. We are truly blessed.

In case you haven’t been following our posts on Facebook, getting up here was no easy task. After blowing out a wheel bearing and destroying our axle in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, drummer Matt and I were able to fabricate a new one to fit with the help of Emery Welding Supply in Clayton, NM. Thank you guys so much for the output of help and prayers. And thank you Mr. Emery and crew for letting us use your equipment and being a guiding hand.

The tour is continuing with two more nights here in Sheridan, then Casper, WY next week, and then two weeks in Jackson Hole and quite possibly a mystery location the last week of August. Stay updated!

Let ‘Er Buck!


That’s right Jack Pack!  We have officially started the recording process on our studio album, “Stories Like These”

There will definitely be something for everyone on this album and we are more than excited about it! Y’all be sure to keep checking in with us on our progress and keep an eye out for a couple of early released singles radio!



We have a great lineup of shows this week especially if you are in the southeast Texas area. They are as follow:

Wednesday, February 3
legends saloon Fulton, TX

Friday, February 5
Game on sports bar
Conroe, TX

Saturday, February 6
Silver Star saloon
New Caney, TX


On top of that, we have a total of 16 shows for this month! Be sure to check out the tour section on the tab above in order to see where we will be playing next!

So come on out and party with us! I look forward to seeing you all there!

Howdy y’all!

We’ve got a great lineup of shows coming up through this holiday season! So come on out say hi and be merry! And we are taking this party all the way to Steamboat Springs Colorado!

Christmas Eve Thursday December 24
Acoustic at firewater
Midland, TX

Saturday, December 26
Neon country
Jacksonville, TX

New Year’s Eve December 31
Horny toad pub and grub
Snyder, TX

Saturday, January 2
Roughnecks saloon
Aguilar, CO

Tuesday, January 5
Double diamond bar with Clay Hollis
Steamboat Springs, CO

Saturday, January 9
Slopeside bar with Rebecca Creek radio
Steamboat Springs, CO

For more information be sure to check us out  The Tour section!

Although I originally wrote “Can You Hear Me Up There” for my grandfather I would also like to dedicate it to the memory of one of my best friends, Nick Crago, who left us too soon this past weekend, as well as, anyone else that any of you (Friends, Fans, and Family or “Franly” as I like to call you guys) may have lost that you miss dearly.

“Nicky C” was not only a fellow service member brother to me, but a true brother as well, and I always regarded him as such. Although he was a few years younger than I, he was a guy I always looked up to. Smart, Savvy, and had a great sense of humor with a face of stone and a heart of gold. No matter what the situation or time of day/night Nick was always there to pick me up (both literally and emotionally). And I could go on for days about all the fun we had together from just hanging out, to surfing, to all the crazy stuff we got in to. He will be missed dearly by the literally thousands of people that held him in close regard.

It is only fitting that this week we release, what he told me, was his favorite song off of our album to radio, and I hope it honors his memory well.

RWB Logo

This has already been an outstanding past 2 years and I cannot wait to see what the future holds! In that time frame I have gone from playing one man acoustic shows for a $20 bar tab, to being nominated for several different awards and putting a full band I could call my own in front of some of the biggest names in country music. Though in that time frame I have seen musicians come and go from the band, each and every one taught me either something about the music we are playing or even some things about myself. I am proud to say that I now have one of the best lineups anyone could ask for. They are dedicated, loyal, and damn fine musicians! We all have our quirks and differences but we are truly a brotherhood. When it comes down to it, we always have each other.

Something that fans don’t always see is what goes on behind the scenes. It takes an entire team to keep a band playing and the wheels moving on the road. Until the last 6 months or so I never knew how important that was. From square one I’ve always had the upmost support from my immediate family and beautiful girlfriend which helped me tremendously to get off on the right foot and make a great initial impact into the music scene.

During this time frame my dedicated, do everything it takes to make a show happen, attitude ended up getting me connected with 7th Planet Entertainment (i.e. the Corpus incident), which later on helped me to land some dream gigs. Booking the right shows was a good start but at this time we didn’t have a marketable product (CD), but thanks to the connections my dearly departed grandfather had made while he was still alive we were able to find a great new friend and producer, Glenn Wheeler at Tierra Studios, to help us launch our debut album.

Tom Garrett at The Sam Houston State University Film Department stepped in to help us film our very first music video which in turn helped us to launch our very first radio single! Enter Texas Tones Entertainment.

The good people at TTE were recommended to me by my brother and they have done a great job pushing my first two radio singles and as we gear up for to push the 3rd and final single from our debut album “Let ‘er Buck!”, as we gear up to go into the studio and cut our second album, I cannot thank them enough for the hard work they have put in. I know I can be strong minded and stubborn at times, but they can butt heads with the best of them. Which I believe sometimes is necessary for growth and development.

But like I said It wasn’t until about six months ago that it started to take shape of how important the people behind me and my music were to me. About this time I had gotten a call from a friend that knew we were looking for a new drummer due to some unforeseen circumstances. I made the connection with the prospective new member and set up an audition time. The time came for the audition and to my surprise he showed up with, what seemed like, an army of people, all family. I was a bit taken aback at first, because this was totally unexpected. Once the audition was said and done of course their little Mathew made the cut. But this was just a small taste of the type of love and support we were going to be receiving.

The Finley’s have been such a blessing to me and this small little enterprise that is quickly developing into a big lifelong dream come true. They truly are a second family to me and have done more than anyone could ever expect of anyone. They are at every show and always willing to lend a hand. Whether they are simply helping to sell/organize merchandise for the evening and future shows, loading equipment in and out, learning to run the soundboard, or changing the alternator on the band bus in the parking lot after a show to help get us home. They have done nothing but provide and support and I cannot be more grateful.

Some of the more established people in the industry have told me what they believe is the “cold hard truth” about being successful in the music industry is and that’s “It’s all about who can spend the most money effectively.” Although yes money is a factor in this industry, I have found that it doesn’t have to be the deciding factor. To me it’s about how strong your support network is, and I haven’t really met anyone else’s support network, but I think it is fair to say I have one of the strongest in the industry.

It’s the Fans, Friends, Fellow Musicians and Family that keep me going and I guess I just had this undying urge to thank you all. If I have left out anyone it wasn’t intentional I promise.

In our first two years we have:
Been nominated for 9 different awards
Recorded and released our debut album
Placed 2 radio singles in the top 100
Supported/Opened for 15 notable artist in Country music (both Texas and Nashville)
Have over 290 shows on the books
Picked up our first official sponsor (Standard Hat Works)
But most of all, have had a ton of fun and love doing what we do!

I promise I’m not trying to brag or gloat, I am just really excited about my career and the people that are a part of it to make so much happen in such a little time!

RWB Logo

TURNTABLE TUESDAY – Let ‘er Buck – Jack Nelson Band


Most of the reviews I post are a result of two routes. Either I approach the artist or their promotions manager contacts me. Twice since rebirthing Kelly’s Country in 2009, has an artist contacted me. The first got lost in the shuffle – a loss I sincerely regret. The other is the man I’m introducing you today via a review of his CD ‘Let ‘er Buck’.

  JackNelson offers up true honky tonk with a bit of rock and roll grit… just enough to get your attention without straying from the country music notes I love. I have listened to the first five of the eleven tracks and love every one. “Let ‘er Buck” kicks off the CD, drawing you to the dance floor before you know what hit you. I started out with the volume low but immediately reached to crank up the sound. “Made the Devil Proud”slows things down a bit while the chorus makes for the perfect audience involvement. “Texas Dance Halls” gives a nod to some of the best honky tonks in the state, places Jack and his brother (CameranNelson) cut their musical teeth on during their journey to individual careers. “Can You Hear Me Up There”, a tribute to his grandfather, is reminiscent of a Lee Brice tune that pulls at your heart. Before the memory can put you into a melancholy mood, “Honky Tonk Angel” puts you right back on the fun time track and sending you ‘round the dance floor in high spirits.

The construction of this CD is a smooth transition from one track to the next while riding a parallel to the career journey ahead for Jack Nelson and his band. Without hearing the other six tracks (we need to work on that, Jack LOL) I have to say “Let ‘er Buck” sets the tone for a solid career in this wacky business.

I am giving this CD a solid 4.5 out of 5!

Single Spotlight: Jack Nelson – Honky-Tonk Angel

jacknelsonpromo2Our spotlight shines on Jack Nelson this week. “Honky-Tonk Angel” moved up to #77 on the Texas Regional Radio Report, adding +3 new stations! The song was cut at Tierra Studios in Houston, TX and got its start while Jack was in high school. He had formed a locally successful progressive rock band, and one of the original songs that he had written was always a fan favorite.  Jack was discharged under honorable conditions after his second tour in the United States Navy, and was home helping out on the family ranch. While driving the tractor and baling hay, he started to reminisce on his high school band days and began thinking about the tune. Then inspiration struck! As soon as Jack was done with his work for the day, he sat down and turned the song into something that fit his Texas country roots and could relate to on a very personal level. Thinking about some of the times he was down on his luck, the song just poured out of him and on to the page (Yes Jack does still write songs the old fashioned way with pen and paper). As soon as he was done penning the two and a half minute song, he recorded an acoustic version on his phone and sent it to his band mates. They were ecstatic, as they knew that Jack had just written their debut single. Two months later, they recorded “Honky Tonk Angel” and presented the tune to Texas Tones Entertainment to help push the song to radio.   TTE knew instantly they had a song and an artist that they wanted to represent, and now here it is in our Single Spotlight!jacknelsonpromo3

This song stood out to Texas Music Pickers due the strong chorus and the great traditional dance hall sound. The fiddle and the upbeat tempo, lay some great sounds for two-stepping and boot stomping, and solid guitar licks bring just enough edge. The song is fun, catchy, and upbeat, what more could you want from a single?!

With producer Glenn Wheeler, the band has finished their album “Let ‘ER Buck!” Together they have constructed an album that can relate to anyone– It’s got love, loss, family, god, a little bit of rowdiness, and even a fun tune at the end that tells a great story that adults will recognize and children will love. Be sure to grab your copy of the album at online music stores around the world! Help us push this one up the charts by requesting it on your online and local radio stations.